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Have you ever been disappointed with your partner? The higher your expectations are, the higher chances of having disappointments. In any relationship, disappointments are present. Some people perceive it as a sign of an ending relationship, while some think it’s just the beginning of a more mature relationship. Unlike depression, disappointments are easier to handle.

If you are disappointed, you feel bad. The feelings produce by your body can actually affect  you a lot. Disappointments cause shyness, fear and worse failure. So before you even feel down and stress, let’s discuss some of the ways to deal with disappointments.

Like every process of coping up, the first step is to ACCEPT. Accept that disappointments are normal. Thus, it’s a part of life that you could easily surpass. Second, is to ASK yourself  what is the cause of this disappointment. Also, try to analyze what’s your part in this disappointment. Did you expect too much? Are your expectations unrealistic? Third, is to COMMUNICATE. Try to be straightforward by the time you feel disappointed. Talk to your partner what you feel. Honesty and an open-mind are the keys for this step. If you can’t talk it out at the same moment, have some time for yourself and talk again with him/her as soon as possible. Suppressing your feeling will lead to stress and depression.

Furthermore, one little reminder is to analyze the level of disappointment. If it’s on the lighter side, then talk it out, explain your side and try to settle things for the best of both sides. Anger might be present during the discussions so control it. It will not do anything good for you and your partner. If it’s too critical or serious, always remember that there are many fish in the ocean.I mean, thinking of ending the relationship might be a beneficial option for you. Know your limits! 😉

When facing disappointments, it’s important to be understanding and positive. But it will really depend on the reasons ok?

(Special Note for Boyfriends) If you’re girlfriend is always complaining or crying because you disappointed her again and again, here is some of the disappointments most GF’s encounter and helpful tips from

1. If you consistently forget, you need dramatic effort or let her know you care.

2. If you lack value, engage your girlfriend in your decision-making.

3. If you treat people badly, apologize.

4. If you lack ambition, discuss your goals with her.

5. If you’re not romantic, think of the impact this will have in your relationship. You wouldn’t want another man wooing your partner right?