Waiting for your flight? Staying overnight at an airport for the earliest flight the next day? Overcome boredom with this ten things you can do while waiting for your flight!

1.) Go Around. Not all people around the globe had an opportunity to visit or stay at an airport, so go ahead and explore the home of travelers!

2.) Take Pictures. Whether it’s for a souvenir or just to fight boredom, taking pictures is one way to kill the time.

Taking a picture near the empty check-in counters.

Kill boredom! Kill it! (Me and my boyfriend doing silly poses at the camera)

3.) Watch Movies/Concerts. Some airports have a free wifi, so if you have a laptop or smartphone with your handy charger. Take this opportunity to entertain yourself with a movie or two.

4.) Read. Either a real book or E-book, nothing compares to the benefits of reading.

Explain to me the Korean articles here in this magazine! Help!

5.) Play. If you’re traveling with a friend, family or a significant other, playing multiplayer games is a fun way to kill time.

6.) Eat! If you can’t sleep or don’t want to sleep. The only way to stay awake is to eat or drink something. No one wants to fly with an empty stomach! πŸ™‚

Charging laptop while eating while watching full movie and concert.

7.) Know your way. If you’re a first timer in an foreign airport, it’s important to know your airline counter beforehand. Taking note of the schedule, check-in time, and assigned gate prior to your flight is one way to save time with the airport procedures.

8.) Double check your baggage. It is very important to double check everything beforehand, especially the baggage regulations and restrictions. Also, be sure to check if you have anything to declare for customs inspection.

9.) Shop! If you have money, then spend it for a Duty Free item or a souvenir! πŸ™‚

10.) <This is just a silly suggestion of my BF, so please don’t take this seriously!> Leave your mark at the airport. Mark means anything you can leave behind the airport, just for sentimental reasons. You can’t imagine what he left there! (T.T)//

SO that’s it. These suggestions are just based on my six-hour stay at Incheon International Airport. And yep! They all killed my boredom! πŸ™‚ Share with me what did you do to fight boredom while traveling or staying at an airport.