Ever wonder what’s running through a girl’s mind when she’s alone? Check out her playlist.

Music is love and it can also spread love as it is consider by most scientists as therapy. Have you ever noticed when a person’s in love, they listen to upbeat and passionate love songs? That’s how music affects our mood, and our being. It has a huge impact on what a person feels, want to feel or an emotion he wants to avoid.


You can learn more about your partner’s emotional personality through his/her playlist. Try checking out or asking them what songs are they currently listening to. Listen to it, and try to interpret the lyrics. I guess the next time she/he listens to it, you’ll know the reason why.

To learn more about this topic, click http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2012/06/26/how-music-impacts-helps-our-emotions/

December 2013 Top 10 Most Played Songs on my Playlist

1. Zedd- Clarity

2. Hyorin- One Way Love

3. Ariana Grande- Honeymoon Avenue

4. Fifth Harmony- Leave My Heart Out of This

5. Fifth Harmony- Who are you

6. GD- Who you

7. Eminem ft. Rihanna- The Monster

8. Nicole Cross- Let Her Go (Cover)

9. Rihanna- Stay

10. 김종국 – 남자가 다 그렇지 뭐