Credits to Katy Perry’s Music Video “Wide Awake”

It’s been a week since I arrived here in Manila, and still lots of realizations are thrilling up my mind. I am now experiencing a progression of my adult life. Well, I don’t really like labeling myself as an adult because I still do some of my hobbies of my teenage self. However, I should face the numerical fact that I am already twenty-four and I should be making most out of my youth.

First of these realizations is that I’m still young. Being young and blithe, I should not limit myself to the opportunities this world has to offer. I should not be in a rush to settle down or even force myself to things that I dislike. Also, it should not be because several people around me now have their own family. When I went to Korea, I have witnessed how young Korean adults manage their lives. They invest in tons of things. They enjoy their maturity and they do not hastily engage in serious lifetime decision. Maybe the splendor of being a young adult is being self-sufficient, carefree and an asset to any position she is. I want to experience this kind of fulfillment.

Furthermore, I grasped that it is vital to love yourself. In loving ourselves, we can confront all our insecurities and fears. Notably, we can guard ourselves from people who will maltreat us physically, psychologically and emotionally. As a result of this, I now want to discover and love myself more than I did before. I yearn for a firm hold of my being, so that even if other people manipulate or influence me, I will not simply forget who I am. I should maintain my identity, as I nurture my strong relationships with other people.

Moreover, I realized that I should not hold back my aspirations. Before, I picture myself as how a professional woman should be. So now I think that even if I settle down in the future, I will never stop working. Before, I always whine about my job, but now I realized that I am passionately in love with what I’m doing. My profession boosts my confidence and I always feel good doing my service. I just hope my future partner will respect this. Aside from work, I want to achieve a Graduate Diploma but not with the usual universities. I want to challenge myself to study in an unfamiliar academe. I think CHALLENGE has been the main realization I learned from my travel. Koreans always challenge themselves that’s why they are doing well. I don’t want to be a Korean (I love my race!) but I want to be successful and I know that I shall be one.

Finally, I realized how to do the “take and receive” thingy. Yes, when I love I give my all, trust a lot and show those special people how important they are to me. Before, I really think I do all these things that made up an ideal nice lady. But then, I realized that like a drinking glass when you pour in too much, a lot of the water spills out. The lessons I’ve learned while staying on a foreign land had awakened my inner self—who is worthy and should be respected at all times. In order for me to let other people know this will not depend on my words, but through my actions.

Now that I am wide awake, nothing and no one can stop me from being happy and fulfilled.