Heard of the famous internet search and movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Well, it turns out that our boys have the same query. So how would you know if the girl your dating, your girlfriend, or your wife is not into you anymore? What should you do?

1.) From quick to forever. When you call her, it takes her more than an hour to reply or none at all. Of course this would be not a one-time incident, when this happens frequently you should be alarmed.

TIP: Ask her the reasons why its taking her so long to reply than before.  When she texts or call you, reply ASAP. Remember when your partner is on that clingy period? and you’re really annoyed of how many texts or calls you received in one day? Maybe she got tired of doing that for your attention or she just thought it’s payday time! Do her a favor, give her attention when she needs it. 

2.) Amnesia fever. Suddenly she forgot your anniversary, birthday or special celebrations you once celebrated together. Uh-oh! You could be in trouble.

TIP: Honestly, most girls can remember celebrations because they usually prepare for these. They love to give gifts and parties. So, when your partner forgot for three to six consecutive months about certain special events in your life. This is not a good sign. One reason she might forget about it is because you forgot about it the last time. Her expectations decreased. She’s not excited anymore and she felt her act of giving has not been reciprocated through all the days you’ve been together.

Solution? Put those events on your calendar. Don’t ever forget them. Greet her first or as early as possible. Don’t forget to bring gifts or any token that would remind her that that day is really special.

3.) Avoiding Intimacy. She used to hug you, kiss you and tell you how much she loves you. But now, she’s doing it less often. She puts a blank face when you kiss her. She very seldom say i love you. Plus, her hugs are not as warm as before.

TIP: Girls like being touch, so when she ignores this intimacy, you have a big problem. First, it’s either she felt her love is not reciprocated. Second, she wants you to now make the move. Third, she’s tired of giving it all. Lastly, she found another man that could give her more love and intimate relationship.

If I were you, better appreciate whenever your girl do something for you. Be it a short hug or a smack.Little things make girls happy. Little romantic gestures, if you show them on a regular basis, let’s them know that you love them seriously. 

4.) No Eye Contact. The eyes are windows of the soul. They also serve as windows for love. Remember when you and your girl have that spark in your eyes. Those were the times you are madly in love. But now, she only wants to see you once or twice a week. The worst part she doesn’t want to see you or look at you at all. It’s like whenever your having conversations, she’s looking the other way or behind you.

TIP: Girls do this to send a message that we’re not listening, you’re boring, or I’m not interested at all. However, sometimes it is an indication that we’re tired of you. For us, you’re the nagger plus the Mr. Know It All. Try to analyze and remember your conversations before. Did you ignore her while she’s talking? Did you listen to her stories? What might be the factor (something you did) that made her act that way?

5.) The “NO” Syndrome. You’re hearing the answer NO most of the time. When you ask her some favor or invitation, she turns it down. All she can say is NO. This is the sign which can indicate that you’re not her interest anymore. When you cracked a joke, she won’t laugh. You made reservations, she had other plans. You asked for future plans, they don’t include you. The message is very clear. You are a NO-no!

TIP: What should you do? Ask her the why’s. Try to change your routine or your date activities. Maybe she got all bored, she wants something new. Try new adventures. Focus on her interest. Make her feel special.

There are more than ten signs how you could know you’re losing your girl. But there are a lot of ways to bring her back. Keep that love burning. Remember, it takes two to tango. In the first part of your relationship, maybe she put it all out to show you how much you mean to her. So, now it’s your turn.

You made her fall in love before, you know how to do it again. You are her guy. If you believe you’re the only one for her, then do it. Act it. Show it. Prove it. Girls will test you sometimes, but all they need is your love and attention. 

Encourage her to open up. Be sensitive. Treat her with love and care. And just like what she did to work things out for both of you…Love her with all your heart. What you give her is what you shall receive. ❤