Your Regrets Sing I Told You So

My biggest regret is that time when I almost let my relationship slip away.

That time everything seems to be like a routine. Everything became boring. Most of the time, I nagged. I rather sleep than answer those same questions he would ask me everyday. Knowing that he’ll be loyal because I am, I forgot just how sweet our relationship was before. I know that he’ll be there no matter white. Then something happened when I flew to his country.

That’s when I regret every night that I fought with him. I should’ve understand his situation. I always thought that my position is harder than his. But I was totally wrong. I realized that even if you’re comfortable with each other, never stop pursuing that other half of yours. I regret being emotionally weak. I regret the times I yell at him just because I’m stressed at work. I regret lying to him that I’m ok even if I’m not, just to peace his mind. I regret every single time I should have showed him that he’s also important, then maybe he will not have turned to someone to talk to.

If I had made another decision that day when I discover all truth about us, then maybe we’re miles apart right now. Not just in a long distance relationship but maybe totally separated.

I’m glad I didn’t.
I’m happier now that we’re still together.