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In the Age of Long Distance Love Affairs

Relationships are now merely a pinch on a smartphone screen, emojis animating your feelings and a touch on the keypad you can barely feel. I am one of those people grew up at the same time that love evolves to networking social sites. So, how does one define relationships in the 90’s? A friend of mine told me relationships during the 90’s are like vintage classic television shows. You may only see the same spectrum of colors again and again, but the flicker never fades. Then and there, I asked someone from today’s generation to define love. He said that love is like a search engine, you need to go through trial and error to find the one that’s going to stay with you through the test of distance and time.

In my everyday commute to the busy streets of the city, I have observed that more and more people walk on the streets alone. Not the sad facet of being alone. They walked with a smile while grabbing on to the mic of their earphones. They hold on to it from home to work, and vice versa after their duties. Just playing back this scenario gives me apprehensions of what is in store for our future human relationships.

I am part of this LDR population, and it’s nothing new to me. Five years of working an LDR is the most daring thing I made in my life. To keep it working smoothly every day is extremely challenging. Honestly, there are times when I feel that I can just be with myself and that I don’t need anyone who’s far from me to even worry about my life on the other side of the planet. I grew tired of pressing the keypads and I longed for the presence of my partner. There were weeknights when sleeping is a task, a struggle and a curse. I stayed awake during the wee hours and imagined how life would be if he’s by my side. There were times when I just want to argue with him so that he’ll get tired of living apart and would choose to stay with me literally. I continuously struggle in believing that God destined me with this person when all He did was to separate us in distance I can’t even comprehend. I hated the idea of my partner choosing his dreams over me, of choosing that country over me, and of staying in that country without me. There was heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak. This cycle was not fun at all. It broke me apart into pieces to the point that I felt like I killed myself for taking this risk. I killed myself of the opportunity to find someone who’ll choose and stay with me. I thought of killing myself literally so that my partner can realize what my worth is when I’m gone. I was desperate to see him.

However, as selfish as I can be, I would never know how hard it is on his part as a man. My male students told me it’s harder and frustrating. A man’s purpose is to protect his girlfriend whenever she feels scared, or to comfort her when she’s sad. He won’t be able to fulfill his duties as a man because he is too far. I may not be able to see how my partner would see, but this is just a proof how demanding a long distance relationship is.

So, if you are reading this and you have a partner in close proximity to where you live, be thankful. You are one of the luckiest people who can call your partner and see minutes later in front of your door with arms open wide and ready to hug you. You may think that he doesn’t have time with you, but you are lucky enough to even have the same time zone and the same day with the one you love. You won’t need to set two clock widgets on your phone to make sure you don’t miss a scheduled chat. If he’s late during dates, still be thankful he arrived. LDR couple can’t even have normal dinner dates or movie dates especially when internet connection is pretty slow. If it’s your monthsary, accept his gifts and efforts be it small or big. LDR couples depend on digital cards, simple facebook posts, and skype video calls, because shipping is pretty expensive dear, esp. if you’re oceans apart. If you’re on the verge now of breaking up because you got tired of seeing that same person every day, don’t. LDR couples would trade five seconds off their life if it means to see the one they love face to face. You won’t know what you have until it’s gone. You won’t realize how lucky you are until you become unlucky.

If you have any suggestions on how LDR couples could make their relationship better, please write a comment below.

Her Playlist

Ever wonder what’s running through a girl’s mind when she’s alone? Check out her playlist.

Music is love and it can also spread love as it is consider by most scientists as therapy. Have you ever noticed when a person’s in love, they listen to upbeat and passionate love songs? That’s how music affects our mood, and our being. It has a huge impact on what a person feels, want to feel or an emotion he wants to avoid.


You can learn more about your partner’s emotional personality through his/her playlist. Try checking out or asking them what songs are they currently listening to. Listen to it, and try to interpret the lyrics. I guess the next time she/he listens to it, you’ll know the reason why.

To learn more about this topic, click

December 2013 Top 10 Most Played Songs on my Playlist

1. Zedd- Clarity

2. Hyorin- One Way Love

3. Ariana Grande- Honeymoon Avenue

4. Fifth Harmony- Leave My Heart Out of This

5. Fifth Harmony- Who are you

6. GD- Who you

7. Eminem ft. Rihanna- The Monster

8. Nicole Cross- Let Her Go (Cover)

9. Rihanna- Stay

10. 김종국 – 남자가 다 그렇지 뭐 

Awesome Finds: ManaTEA Infuser

Are you a tea lover? tea addict? or someone who finds tea interesting? Here’s a cool and awesome find over the internet. It’s a cool teal infuser that looks like a manatee! 

According to the manufacturer: Everybody’s favorite Floridian wants to brew you a nice cup of tea and share a slow, calm moment.  Our ManaTea Tea Infuser loves relaxing in your warm water while it brews your tea!  This gentle creature just wants to rest in your mug!

Look how adorable this cute little manatea! 



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Enlightening Patterns

Ceiling of Gyeongbokgung Palace, a royal palace located in Seoul, South Korea. Captured September 18, 2013 during the Chuseok Festival. Credits owned by Miss Shinobu.


For Photo Challenge

Daily Prompt Challenge | Great Is A Teacher

A teacher is great.
Her books help her.
Her eye sees the future.
Her ears listen to voices.
Her mouth speaks words of wisdom.

Her hands help you learn how to write.
Her lectures help you acquire knowledge.
Her classroom enlightens your senses.
Her homework annoys yet nourishes your mind.

But a teacher is not great because she has herself.
She is great because she has her students.
Her greatness comes in the collection of young minds willing to listen, learn and trust her on making their journey worthwhile.

BMW featuring Eat Your Kimchi

Posts under this tag will all be related to different blogs that I am a fan of.  B.M.W does not stand for a brand of an automobile here but for Blog Me Want or blogs that I like. 

This week, the blog feature is *drum rolls* ! 


First Click: I first came across their blog last year but I saw them first on Youtube. They have three YouTube channels which have been viewed by more than a million netizens! This blog highlights more of the culture of South Korea or all about Korea!

What do you love this blog? Aside from their adorable video intro and effects, I love how they give entertainment, facts, review and laughter to their viewers. I also love that they have different video segments and schedule like for example Monday is for Kpop Music Mondays, Thursday they have WANKs or FAPFAPs. WANK stands for “Wonderful Adventure Now Korea” (Which I totally love! ^^) and FAPFAP stands for “Food Adventure Program For Awesome People”, and so on. Well, except for tuesdays where they sleep or rest.


About the Bloggers: Simon and Martina are a married Canadian couple who’s been is South Korea since 2008. Their first video are for fun, but these videos eventually give way to a more promising career which they do now–awesome vloggers/bloggers! Their popularity can be obviously seen through their youtube channel, blog, eyk store (they now have a store!!!) and different media advertisements and programs around the globe. They have been featured in different journals, sites and hosting programs. They are now celebrating Eat Your Kimchi’s 5th Year Anniversary! 


Recommended Videos/Entries: 

1. Sleep Muzzle: (Funny stuffs)

2. WANK: BOard Game Cafe Edition (scariest game ever?!)

3.  Introducing Our Dog Spudgy: (one of their oldest and cuties archived video)

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥/5 hearts






Silly Things We Do

When we’re bored. We do stuffs like these.

Open the cam, and click it! click it! click it!



Do another pose instead of wasting your time.



Sing a song or play with our thumbs. 

Watching the sun sets at the corner of our photographs.



Oh! the silly things we do are just to embarrassing to scroll again! 🙂

Getting Over His Mistakes and Shortcomings


Having a relationship is like undergoing different degrees of practical test. Each test will serve a lesson or two which can make us grow eventually into being the right person for the job. But what if the lesson comes in a heavy circumstances? What if the mistakes your other half did is so shocking and painful? How can you forgive and forget?

1. Weigh the mistake. First, know if it is a serious case like having an affair with someone or a petty case like being late for a date. People make mistakes. It is normal for us to have a couple of shortcomings in our relationship. So think first of the how serious their fault is.

2. Listen. Listening is a key point to every relationship. Don’t do the questioning marathon. Listen to him/her. Remember Oprah’s 6 Rules for Talking and Listening! Be a two-way communicator. Listen to the details, the reasons, and the emotion of the talker. It is also one way to know if the person is sorry for his/her mistake.

3. Analyze. Now that you know his/her side, it’s time for you to analyze the situation. If he/she admits the mistake and is really sorry for what he/she has done, make it count. Not all people can swallow their pride and say “sorry”. You can also ask some questions, not too much though. Be sure to ask questions that will clarify the issue, not make it go around circles. 

4. Decide. In deciding whether or not to forgive your other half depends on your trust level. If you think the person is genuinely true and really felt remorse on himself/herself, go on and give a go to second chance. If he/she promised you that you’ll never get to see them doing that action again, then give it one more try. It’s not easy to forgive completely, but if you really love the person why not give it a try. 

On the other hand, if he/she has done the same shortcomings/mistakes/ faults again and again, I think 100 chances is too much. You still have to love yourself. (Just sayin’)

5. Getting Over It. Forgiving is the first step, forgetting takes years to do so. For girls, one serious mistake in our relationship can cost a major trust issue. (BEWARE) It’s really tough for girls to forgive, mainly because when girls trust they REALLY trust. Another reason is because our hearts are more fragile compare to the guys. So, if you’re boyfriend did something serious but you still love him, forgive him and want to work out the relationship, just remember that it will take time to trust him again. Tell him that fact. Do not hide your fears from him. Boyfriends are made to help you conquer your fears. 

Next, you need to love yourself more. I mean more than you did before. It’s a kind of protection and healing process that you can do for yourself. Pampering yourself or engaging to more social activities will help you through the healing process. Lastly, do new things with your other half. It’s  a kind of renewing process for both of you and your relationship so I think experiencing new things together will bring you closer together. 

Based on my experience, it’s really tough to forgive someone after that person broke the trust you’ve put on your relationship. But as the relationship go by, you will then realize that some of those mistakes you both made before are just rigid lessons you need to pass to be a better couple. As for me, it took like 6 months to get it over, but there are still some times that it flashes back to your memory–especially the “what-ifs”. However, you just need to build a new ladder of trust with the help of your partner. It’s a two way relationship, so work it out together. 

Women are compl…

Women are complicated, men love complications. Men are unpredictable, women love surprises. -Papa Jack

Girls have the …

Girls have the weakness for the sense of touch. –Papa Jack

Your Regrets Sing I Told You So

My biggest regret is that time when I almost let my relationship slip away.

That time everything seems to be like a routine. Everything became boring. Most of the time, I nagged. I rather sleep than answer those same questions he would ask me everyday. Knowing that he’ll be loyal because I am, I forgot just how sweet our relationship was before. I know that he’ll be there no matter white. Then something happened when I flew to his country.

That’s when I regret every night that I fought with him. I should’ve understand his situation. I always thought that my position is harder than his. But I was totally wrong. I realized that even if you’re comfortable with each other, never stop pursuing that other half of yours. I regret being emotionally weak. I regret the times I yell at him just because I’m stressed at work. I regret lying to him that I’m ok even if I’m not, just to peace his mind. I regret every single time I should have showed him that he’s also important, then maybe he will not have turned to someone to talk to.

If I had made another decision that day when I discover all truth about us, then maybe we’re miles apart right now. Not just in a long distance relationship but maybe totally separated.

I’m glad I didn’t.
I’m happier now that we’re still together.

If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words…

All credits goes to the owners of these FB photos

Browsing casually on my Facebook account, when I noticed something weird about my news feed. It seems like more of my friends are having celebrations of love nowadays. From status to cover photos, and up to their profile pictures. You name, they all show it. What is it? It’s the symbol of LOVE. 

It’s natural for married couples to put up a couple profile photo. However, usually it’s a girl thing. That is the reason why I was really surprised with my news feed today–because NOW the GUYS are doing it! O-M-G! (screams)

“With a woman he’s crazy about, he’ll put in all the overtime in the world. He’ll be doing things for you, he’ll be considerate, he’ll want to please you, he’ll try to cheer you up if you are down, and he will enjoy every moment because you are the person he values most.” 
― Sherry ArgovWhy Men Marry Bitches: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Her Man’s Heart

Ok, maybe I’m overreacting. But let me explain this side of girls in my country. When it’s the guy changing his profile picture with the two of us in it, IT’S A DIFFERENT KIND OF STORY. That means he is completely or totally in love with the girl. Another, he is proud of his girl. Last but not the least, he is proud about his relationship with this lady and is not ashame of what others might think. “Screw them!” Hahahaha! 

So it’s like that. One little thing can actually spell as R-O-M-A-N-T-I-C gesture for girls in my country. So if his facebook picture paints a thousand words, and a girl can sum it up, it must be LOVE. 🙂 By the way, most of these couples are in a LDR situation, just imagine that!

I am so proud of these wonderful couples. I especially salute the men who is very proud of his girl and their relationship. With today’s technology and generation, it’s really rare to see this simple gestures of LOVE. Awwww… :’) I hope that these beautiful people continue to share their love with each other and the people around them. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

I know you all wonder why would anyone ever consider their shoes a companion. But for me, these are my companions–my TRAVEL COMPANIONS. Wherever I go, at any kinds of weather, I can wear my sneakers to every journey I am into. I always love my sneakers because of their comfort and flexibility.

I have this pair of sneakers for a long time, maybe for around three years already. Unlike my other shoes, this pair took me to places I’ve never been to. They have witnessed a great number of my adventures and discoveries. Maybe that’s my father’s purpose for giving this pair as a gift for my birthday. I am really thankful that I have this pair of shoes, not because of their brand but because of their purpose.

Companion- A celestial body that appears close to another but that may or may not be associated with it in space. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)


Wide Awake

Credits to Katy Perry’s Music Video “Wide Awake”

It’s been a week since I arrived here in Manila, and still lots of realizations are thrilling up my mind. I am now experiencing a progression of my adult life. Well, I don’t really like labeling myself as an adult because I still do some of my hobbies of my teenage self. However, I should face the numerical fact that I am already twenty-four and I should be making most out of my youth.

First of these realizations is that I’m still young. Being young and blithe, I should not limit myself to the opportunities this world has to offer. I should not be in a rush to settle down or even force myself to things that I dislike. Also, it should not be because several people around me now have their own family. When I went to Korea, I have witnessed how young Korean adults manage their lives. They invest in tons of things. They enjoy their maturity and they do not hastily engage in serious lifetime decision. Maybe the splendor of being a young adult is being self-sufficient, carefree and an asset to any position she is. I want to experience this kind of fulfillment.

Furthermore, I grasped that it is vital to love yourself. In loving ourselves, we can confront all our insecurities and fears. Notably, we can guard ourselves from people who will maltreat us physically, psychologically and emotionally. As a result of this, I now want to discover and love myself more than I did before. I yearn for a firm hold of my being, so that even if other people manipulate or influence me, I will not simply forget who I am. I should maintain my identity, as I nurture my strong relationships with other people.

Moreover, I realized that I should not hold back my aspirations. Before, I picture myself as how a professional woman should be. So now I think that even if I settle down in the future, I will never stop working. Before, I always whine about my job, but now I realized that I am passionately in love with what I’m doing. My profession boosts my confidence and I always feel good doing my service. I just hope my future partner will respect this. Aside from work, I want to achieve a Graduate Diploma but not with the usual universities. I want to challenge myself to study in an unfamiliar academe. I think CHALLENGE has been the main realization I learned from my travel. Koreans always challenge themselves that’s why they are doing well. I don’t want to be a Korean (I love my race!) but I want to be successful and I know that I shall be one.

Finally, I realized how to do the “take and receive” thingy. Yes, when I love I give my all, trust a lot and show those special people how important they are to me. Before, I really think I do all these things that made up an ideal nice lady. But then, I realized that like a drinking glass when you pour in too much, a lot of the water spills out. The lessons I’ve learned while staying on a foreign land had awakened my inner self—who is worthy and should be respected at all times. In order for me to let other people know this will not depend on my words, but through my actions.

Now that I am wide awake, nothing and no one can stop me from being happy and fulfilled.

10 Things to Do While Waiting at the Airport

Waiting for your flight? Staying overnight at an airport for the earliest flight the next day? Overcome boredom with this ten things you can do while waiting for your flight!

1.) Go Around. Not all people around the globe had an opportunity to visit or stay at an airport, so go ahead and explore the home of travelers!

2.) Take Pictures. Whether it’s for a souvenir or just to fight boredom, taking pictures is one way to kill the time.

Taking a picture near the empty check-in counters.

Kill boredom! Kill it! (Me and my boyfriend doing silly poses at the camera)

3.) Watch Movies/Concerts. Some airports have a free wifi, so if you have a laptop or smartphone with your handy charger. Take this opportunity to entertain yourself with a movie or two.

4.) Read. Either a real book or E-book, nothing compares to the benefits of reading.

Explain to me the Korean articles here in this magazine! Help!

5.) Play. If you’re traveling with a friend, family or a significant other, playing multiplayer games is a fun way to kill time.

6.) Eat! If you can’t sleep or don’t want to sleep. The only way to stay awake is to eat or drink something. No one wants to fly with an empty stomach! 🙂

Charging laptop while eating while watching full movie and concert.

7.) Know your way. If you’re a first timer in an foreign airport, it’s important to know your airline counter beforehand. Taking note of the schedule, check-in time, and assigned gate prior to your flight is one way to save time with the airport procedures.

8.) Double check your baggage. It is very important to double check everything beforehand, especially the baggage regulations and restrictions. Also, be sure to check if you have anything to declare for customs inspection.

9.) Shop! If you have money, then spend it for a Duty Free item or a souvenir! 🙂

10.) <This is just a silly suggestion of my BF, so please don’t take this seriously!> Leave your mark at the airport. Mark means anything you can leave behind the airport, just for sentimental reasons. You can’t imagine what he left there! (T.T)//

SO that’s it. These suggestions are just based on my six-hour stay at Incheon International Airport. And yep! They all killed my boredom! 🙂 Share with me what did you do to fight boredom while traveling or staying at an airport.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

This is a picture of my co-worker and best friend two years ago. She asked for a very unique shot. So I asked her to show me a pose that will show her generation. And she jumped like she just won the lottery. For me, this picture really explained our generation. In this momentary and rapid shot, I have been able to capture how carefree we are. That even if we know this freedom and youthfulness is temporary, we want to preserve it. That’s why we both love this shot.

Weekly Photo Challenge:

No Butterflies In My Stomach Anymore

“I don’t love you anymore”

“The relationship is boring.”

“I don’t get butterflies when I see you.”

What if your significant other tells you these statements? What would you feel? Is this where it’ll all end? What if he/she told you these statements in the middle of. what you think as, a smooth and perfect relationship? The next five seconds after hearing these words will be so long and crucial for you. All you will be thinking is “What the hell did just happened?” This entry will discuss what’s the difference of falling out of love and the comfortable phase of an intimate relationship.

If you’re in a long committed relationship, maybe you have asked once if you’re falling out of love. When this question takes place, most probably you’re in the it-sounds-like-a-boring phase of the relationship. This is when everything seems like a routine. It’s boring and you don’t like it. Some people would eventually think this is when it all comes down to the breaking up state of love.

I have asked a few people who’s in relationship for more than a year, if they’ve ever felt that their love is fading or not there anymore. To my surprise, some of them answered that they actually felt the fading phase of love, but it’ll always be there. Their reasons are as follows:

“You just feel tired because of the changes your relationship has been through. But your love will always be there.”

“There are times I felt like I want to give up but when I  closed my eyes and imagine him with another woman, I felt like I’m going to die. So I knew, I still love him.”

“Love lessens when boredom increases.”

As you have read, they really don’t fall out of love. So if these kinds of feelings are not signs of falling out of love, what could it be? Married couples call this the Mature State of Love. Mature meaning with how you deal with it, not with regards to age or years in relationship, ok? You’re comfortable but not clingy anymore. You have finished the Honeymoon/ Liking state of relationship. The state when infatuation and having crush with your partner are still present.

The mature state of a relationship is when true love blooms. You don’t have to constantly remind each other 24/7 about your love. It is present and you know it. It’s when you feel comfortable with the relationship, but not too much ok? You still need to work out with some surprises to keep that fire burning. All relationship go through this kind of stage. Some people thought this is the falling out of love phase had suffered regrets, bad decision making and a broken heart.

So if you’re now in this kind of crisis. don’t be stress. Trust your partner. If it’s boring, then tell him/her. Work things out together. One day that spark will come back. Think of it as a trial phase. If you’re tempted to quit, try to imagine him/her kissing someone. If you feel the anger, jealousy or the, dear, you are still in love. If this person means a lot to you, you’ve made up you future with this guy/girl and you know that he really loves you then don’t quit. Fight and you shall claim victory with the wedding bells. By then, you will realize how good it is to earn such kind of love. This part of relationship is what truly matters. It is the journey, the road, the trials that will make your love stronger. Remember, just because you don’t feel any butterflies in your stomach anymore, that doesn’t mean that love fades away.

If you’re a guy and experiencing that you’re girlfriend feels like falling out of love, check this website for helpful tips and advice:

For girls:


She’s Just Not That Into You

Heard of the famous internet search and movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Well, it turns out that our boys have the same query. So how would you know if the girl your dating, your girlfriend, or your wife is not into you anymore? What should you do?

1.) From quick to forever. When you call her, it takes her more than an hour to reply or none at all. Of course this would be not a one-time incident, when this happens frequently you should be alarmed.

TIP: Ask her the reasons why its taking her so long to reply than before.  When she texts or call you, reply ASAP. Remember when your partner is on that clingy period? and you’re really annoyed of how many texts or calls you received in one day? Maybe she got tired of doing that for your attention or she just thought it’s payday time! Do her a favor, give her attention when she needs it. 

2.) Amnesia fever. Suddenly she forgot your anniversary, birthday or special celebrations you once celebrated together. Uh-oh! You could be in trouble.

TIP: Honestly, most girls can remember celebrations because they usually prepare for these. They love to give gifts and parties. So, when your partner forgot for three to six consecutive months about certain special events in your life. This is not a good sign. One reason she might forget about it is because you forgot about it the last time. Her expectations decreased. She’s not excited anymore and she felt her act of giving has not been reciprocated through all the days you’ve been together.

Solution? Put those events on your calendar. Don’t ever forget them. Greet her first or as early as possible. Don’t forget to bring gifts or any token that would remind her that that day is really special.

3.) Avoiding Intimacy. She used to hug you, kiss you and tell you how much she loves you. But now, she’s doing it less often. She puts a blank face when you kiss her. She very seldom say i love you. Plus, her hugs are not as warm as before.

TIP: Girls like being touch, so when she ignores this intimacy, you have a big problem. First, it’s either she felt her love is not reciprocated. Second, she wants you to now make the move. Third, she’s tired of giving it all. Lastly, she found another man that could give her more love and intimate relationship.

If I were you, better appreciate whenever your girl do something for you. Be it a short hug or a smack.Little things make girls happy. Little romantic gestures, if you show them on a regular basis, let’s them know that you love them seriously. 

4.) No Eye Contact. The eyes are windows of the soul. They also serve as windows for love. Remember when you and your girl have that spark in your eyes. Those were the times you are madly in love. But now, she only wants to see you once or twice a week. The worst part she doesn’t want to see you or look at you at all. It’s like whenever your having conversations, she’s looking the other way or behind you.

TIP: Girls do this to send a message that we’re not listening, you’re boring, or I’m not interested at all. However, sometimes it is an indication that we’re tired of you. For us, you’re the nagger plus the Mr. Know It All. Try to analyze and remember your conversations before. Did you ignore her while she’s talking? Did you listen to her stories? What might be the factor (something you did) that made her act that way?

5.) The “NO” Syndrome. You’re hearing the answer NO most of the time. When you ask her some favor or invitation, she turns it down. All she can say is NO. This is the sign which can indicate that you’re not her interest anymore. When you cracked a joke, she won’t laugh. You made reservations, she had other plans. You asked for future plans, they don’t include you. The message is very clear. You are a NO-no!

TIP: What should you do? Ask her the why’s. Try to change your routine or your date activities. Maybe she got all bored, she wants something new. Try new adventures. Focus on her interest. Make her feel special.

There are more than ten signs how you could know you’re losing your girl. But there are a lot of ways to bring her back. Keep that love burning. Remember, it takes two to tango. In the first part of your relationship, maybe she put it all out to show you how much you mean to her. So, now it’s your turn.

You made her fall in love before, you know how to do it again. You are her guy. If you believe you’re the only one for her, then do it. Act it. Show it. Prove it. Girls will test you sometimes, but all they need is your love and attention. 

Encourage her to open up. Be sensitive. Treat her with love and care. And just like what she did to work things out for both of you…Love her with all your heart. What you give her is what you shall receive. ❤

Daily Prompt: Hush, Hush

I will never write about my secrets,
for what will be the purpose to keep it.
I will never write about sex,
for the purpose of making love shall be pointless.
I will never write against my principles,
for what will be the sense of having principles.

Things I will never write,
are things that should be kept.
Things I will never write,
are the things that should be discovered.
Things I will never write,
are the things that should protected.

For me, writing is keeping the mystery,
…like how nature kept its beauty.
…like how universe expands its vastness.
…like how authors do sequels.

The reason why scientist will have to search endlessly,
why mathematicians will have to solve constantly,
and why people read books and search Google relentlessly,
is because the thrill lies in the forbidden
and the popularity comes afterwards.


A Bummer and A Blighted Hope

Credits to:

Have you ever been disappointed with your partner? The higher your expectations are, the higher chances of having disappointments. In any relationship, disappointments are present. Some people perceive it as a sign of an ending relationship, while some think it’s just the beginning of a more mature relationship. Unlike depression, disappointments are easier to handle.

If you are disappointed, you feel bad. The feelings produce by your body can actually affect  you a lot. Disappointments cause shyness, fear and worse failure. So before you even feel down and stress, let’s discuss some of the ways to deal with disappointments.

Like every process of coping up, the first step is to ACCEPT. Accept that disappointments are normal. Thus, it’s a part of life that you could easily surpass. Second, is to ASK yourself  what is the cause of this disappointment. Also, try to analyze what’s your part in this disappointment. Did you expect too much? Are your expectations unrealistic? Third, is to COMMUNICATE. Try to be straightforward by the time you feel disappointed. Talk to your partner what you feel. Honesty and an open-mind are the keys for this step. If you can’t talk it out at the same moment, have some time for yourself and talk again with him/her as soon as possible. Suppressing your feeling will lead to stress and depression.

Furthermore, one little reminder is to analyze the level of disappointment. If it’s on the lighter side, then talk it out, explain your side and try to settle things for the best of both sides. Anger might be present during the discussions so control it. It will not do anything good for you and your partner. If it’s too critical or serious, always remember that there are many fish in the ocean.I mean, thinking of ending the relationship might be a beneficial option for you. Know your limits! 😉

When facing disappointments, it’s important to be understanding and positive. But it will really depend on the reasons ok?

(Special Note for Boyfriends) If you’re girlfriend is always complaining or crying because you disappointed her again and again, here is some of the disappointments most GF’s encounter and helpful tips from

1. If you consistently forget, you need dramatic effort or let her know you care.

2. If you lack value, engage your girlfriend in your decision-making.

3. If you treat people badly, apologize.

4. If you lack ambition, discuss your goals with her.

5. If you’re not romantic, think of the impact this will have in your relationship. You wouldn’t want another man wooing your partner right?


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