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Break It To Me Gently

I found this article on Yahoo! News today, and it’s quiet interesting. Check the whole story in this link ( It’s one of the best break-up letters ever! It’s made by a lady who just proved that girls run the world! 🙂
ImageI love how she put hearts in it with a red pen! It looks romantic from afar that you’ll never know your girl is breaking up with you. Whew! Girls are really sugar and spice. 🙂

Oh Dear! Trap Me Here!

Santorini, Greece by Google Image Search

If I will be a tourist, and you shall trap me in a certain place it will be Santorini, Greece. I’ve first saw this magnificent place in the movie “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. I forgot what series it was. Well, I just love how magnificent, clean and breathtaking it was. It’s like a perfect panorama for anyone who loves vintage, history and mythology. Some sites also recommend 123 Things You can Actually Enjoy in Santorini! 

The first time I saw a picture of Santorini, my heart just melted. It just spoke of how rich human culture is, how great nature is and if you put them together it’s one heaven of civilization! Just imagine waking up in a quiet place, opening your windows and facing the salty breeze of the ocean waves. Peaceful and heavenly! 

Aside from the view, you get to actually ride a donkey! How many people on Earth ever rode a donkey right? So it’s an adventure I don’t wanna miss. They also have beaches, great beaches! So it’s definitely a good place to shake up some tan! By the way, Santorini is volcanic island, and just the thought of living above a volcano thrills me! 🙂 That’s why Santorini, Greece is a must-see vacation destination! Trap me here please!


Things You Should Not Do to Your Girlfriend

Here are some tips on how you can avoid losing your girlfriend:

1. Don’t treat her like she is just an option. Put her in the top priority list dude!

2. Don’t ever lie. Girls have maternal, detective, Sherlock home instincts so even if you’re so good at lying I’m 100% sure she has a hint about it. Better yet, she knows it and she’s just watching you screw up.

3. Girlfriends hate boyfriends who do not listen to what they say. They also hate boyfriends who shout at them. We know you’re superior than us, but you don’t have to shout. Girls feel belittle or really depressed when you do this. Remember, she won’t admit this because she doesn’t want you to see her weak points. She loves you~ oh dear!

4. Never ever disrespect her. She belongs to the species of your mother and she will be a future mother so I know you don’t want any guy mistreating your girl right? So be a model. Respect her and don’t force her to do decisions she doesn’t like.

5. When you’re hurt, you should tell her. We can’t figure out what’s on your mind, if you’re hurt and just pretended you don’t, we’ll be assuming you’re alright. See, girls rely on your words and actions. So if your showing us you’re ok, then you’re ok for us. But if you’ll tell, we’ll listen.

6. Never put up a status about another girl. You never want your girlfriend putting up a status with a boy’s name in it right? So do the same ‘coz girls hate the feeling of jealousy.

7. Remember that the little things you do might upset or make your girlfriend happy. Little things means a lot to girls. So if she suddenly change mood, maybe you did something so tiny for you but means a lot to her. Be sensitive, she doesn’t need to remind you this one.

8. Never tell her she’s ugly or fat. Thus, never tell her that another girl is prettier than her. She’s already an insecure piece of art. Appreciate her. That’s what you should always do. It’s when she feels more loved.

9. Never take her word literally, learn some lady decoders. Like if she says nothing but look sad, it means it’s something! OK?

10. NEVER hurt her physically. She might be able to take all that emotional stress relationship gives out but physical pain is not her game. Remember respect her like you’re mother.

Crack That Egg White

Who doesn’t love eggs?

Aside from it’s delicious and wide variety of recipes, eggs are really good for our bodies! But did you know that even our face loves it? Believe it or not, a part of our daily dose of eggs can actually serve as natural face botox-ifier~ All you need is one egg, crack it open, seperatee the egg white and beat it until it’s foamy. 🙂

Benefits of Egg White

a. It tightens our pores and skin. 

b. It gives us a natural glow.

c. It removes dead skin cells plus white heads.

d. It exfoliates skin.

e. It blots oil. (yey! for oily skin)

f. It heals and nourish our skin.

g. It smoothens our skin. 

h. It lightens scars and redness due to pimples.

So if you’re allergic or on a budget but still wants to stay pretty, try using egg whites as alternative face mask! It’s nature’s gift! I’ve tried for three days straight now and my skin just feels smooth and glowing! 🙂

Daily Prompt: Weaving Threads

“Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place — in each part.”

John and Edward has been together for years now, yet they could still remember how hard it is to keep this thing alive. Both their parents don’t agree but some of their friends do. The society has judged them before they can even flick a finger or two. Thus, their joy has been incomparable ever since they have met each other. 

Clara grew up in a hut. A hut that can hold more than six people. The life in her province has never been that modern, accessible or world-class. She can’t merely finish her 10th grade in school because a typhoon has just devastated the land her father was plowing to earn a living. She will now begin to work for her family. Her first day at a clothing factory in the city has been a day full of scolding and bullying. For a city-person, this might be the worst day in your workplace, but Clara kept a smiling face going back home. The cruelty of social class in her society has not been a hindrance to feel joy in holding a pack of meal, from her first pennies, for her family. 

Jason was crying since yesterday. His mother did all things to make him smile. But his tantrums are getting worse. A few weeks ago, his father promised him a very special gift for his birthday. Jason’s birthday was yesterday. His father gave him the promised gift, he’s supposed to be happy right? Jason’s newly bought puppy began walking closer to him. Jason started to scream but as the puppy stop in the middle of the living room, Jason wiped his tears and smile. It’s the first time he saw his pet’s dog tag and he became happy. He hugs the puppy and starts to caress it’s dog tag. A beautifully engraved name of his father was there. Hence, even if Jason lost his father because of an accident yesterday, he still found joy in the presence of a puppy. 

Joy, in any form it presents itself, is still joy as how we feel it. Maybe, it can be in different degrees or reasons, but it will still be a reason for us to smile. We can find joy or happiness even in the worst situations. Even between two people with same gender, a young girl who experience life’s cruelty at an early age or even in losing a loved one. There are many reasons to be happy. There are a thousand reasons to smile. Today, let us share this wonderful message to our families, friends or even to strangers we meet along the way. 🙂



Spread Love. Spread Joy. ❤

Why Every Girl Needs a Bestfriend

A true friend sees the first tear… catches the second… and stops the third. – Angelique

Boys After the Break-Up 101

For the estrogen and progesterone population, there are many things that makes us wonder about guys. One of those is what does a man think and feel of after a break-up? It’s been laid out in many magazines and websites what girls do and how they cope up after the break up. But what about Adam’s buddies? I will try to explain, with a thorough research, the topic about what’s going on a man’s head after the break up.

POINT 1: A man first thing to think of after a break up is BEER. Aside from beer helping them to land another lady, it will help them land a RIGHTEOUS LADY that they think is more deserving than the one who broke their heart.

POINT 2: A man who dumped you probably thinks of a new woman. In the first place, he dumped you! That means he doesn’t love you anymore. They also think of how long they can now play XBOX or the games you hate. They might be also thinking of how lucky they are to escape your vicious venom. At the end, they will also feel guilty at some point.

POINT 3: A man who has been dumped by a woman feels angry, busted and heartbroken. But they are also thinking of the reasons why the girls they love dumped them. They want to know if you’re a tramp, a good player or just not satisfied with what they can offer.

POINT 4: A man who just freshly broke up with his girl finds it hard to talk to her again. Unlike girls who can approach their ex’s instantly (asking for a second chance or asking lots of questions) boys can’t do the same. It’s just their nature, not to talk to their ex-girlfriends. Well, most of them are like this. Especially if you dumped them, talking after a break up is like a live torture! I think men are also curious how girls, like us, can talk with each other about break-ups. Well, I guess that’s one of the differences between these two genders.

POINT 5: Like girls, they also can’t forget of all their past relationships. I mean not the feelings or emotional stuff but the memories. They are humans, too. It’s probably normal for them to have that storage box of happy memories and bad ones, right? The only difference is they don’t talk about it, unlike girls do.

POINT 6: They also care about their girl after their break-up. They also cry. They also feel as bad as other women do, but they they hold it all in. Some of them would actually check their phones a day or two after the break up. They do care about you, they just don’t want to show it because it will be too unmanly.

POINT 7: They go to physical changes. They work out at the gym. Improve their physical appearance. Finally, punch out all their anger in a form of physical activities. 😉

POINT 8: They have hearts. They cry, too.

POINT 9: They get rid off all your gifts, couple items and anniversary souvenirs you had as a couple. To rid off the things you gave him is one of the easiest ways he can move on.

POINT 10: They go out. Not to find another girl but to unwind. Also, going out with their buddies can reduce the stress and make them forget even for just a little while about their broken heart.

SO girls, now that you know what do boys commonly do and think of after the break up, let’s stop assuming that our boys doesn’t care about us. And that they don’t feel bad as we do.

The End.

When 1,877 People Started Following Me


I am an anonymous Tumblr blogger. Well, this only applies to people who barely and don’t know me. So if you d,o don’t spill this secret. I have two Tumblr blogs–one is a personal quote blog and the other one is the famous love blog. My love blog site title “A Hopeless Romantic Blog” tackles mainly about photos of love, relationships, hearts, hugs and kisses. It was launched August of 2010 and until now, after three years on the worldwide web, it’s still gathering more and more followers.

The concept of putting up a blog about love was really inspired by my present relationship plus a little pinch of boredom. Three years of blogging equals to three years of steady love has not really been bad at all. My idea was to show a portfolio blog about how great love is. It started with a few followers and gaining each of them is not that easy. I have to schedule my reblogs, evaluate the pictures beforehand and answer fan mails. Most recently, some of my followers started asking for advice about their love problems. While some followers send appreciation letters because they love the concept of the blog.

So, as a treat for my 1,877 followers, I am going to follow their blogs one by one and say thank you with a fan mail dedicated to each of them. I am really grateful how capable my blogs are for fulfilling my purpose–to spread love globally. For the three years that they have been with me, this is my way of saying thank you to my Hopeless Romantic followers.


The “Miss Me” Experiment

“Let them miss you. Sometimes when you’re always available, they take you for granted because they think you’ll always stay.”

MISSING someone is an inevitable habit to do once you’re dating or in a relationship. But what if things come in like a boring routine of seeing each other, thus that spark has gone. What should you do to bring back the mystery and burning desire to see each other? Here are some quick tips for Him and Her:

Guys should…

1. Know your girlfriend or dating partner.

2.Based on these observation or knowledge, act on it.

3. Treat her as your world.

4. Earn her trust.

5. Take a day off to emphasize your absence. Less call, less text, more misses! (However if your girlfriend is a jealous one, a minute to an hour of absence should be good enough)


Girls should…

1. Do something different or special like a new haircut or dress.

2. Be affectionate especially before you depart ways.

3. Try to leave a mark or a piece of yourself with him.

4. Use jealousy moderately.

5. Don’t call or text him like 24/7, always in moderation. (No to clingy gf’s anymore)

Gender-Biased| The Other Side of The Story


Let’s face it, in the diversity of the universe 70% of girls can actually stay loyal and faithful to their partner unlike 30% of men who can. This post is dedicated to all girls who stay true to their significant other and to all boys who doubt their girlfriends can actually do it.

With how our genes are designed, genetically, female are more inclined to be monogamous. Another one is due to the level of maturity, more women tend to be more loyal than men. Anyway, let’s discuss whose really the faithful one.

Girls have control. Maybe not on their periods and mood swings, but when temptation is present, a girl knows how to handle it. For example, a girlfriend in a LDR situation has been approached by suitors every now and then in different places. In that scenario, it will be really easy for the girl to have an affair because the partner don’t have an actual idea of what’s happening with his partner’s life except for the ones she’s going to tell him. But why will she reject the temptation of infidelity? First, she’s taken. Most girls take commitment seriously because it took them so long to have this guy who would stood up for them. So these girls are committed. Next, they are overwhelmed with love from their partner. Why would she entertain another if she’s contented and happy with the present? This is how most ladies think. Third, she believes that true love waits and fights all the odds. In this case, most girls think that what relationship they have now is real. Thus, they can defy all odds. Lastly, they actually believe that you’re doing the same, too. This is because most girls think of the principles of karma and the golden rule. So why would we harm the ones we love when we want to be love in return? Girls believe what their partners tell them.

Girls are nice earthlings made of sugar and spice. Some of them actually believed in fairy tale endings–the happily ever after. They value what they have, and they will nourish it. They are contented with their happiness. That’s how simple a girl can be. That’s why they can remain faithful and loyal with a guy.This is the reason why for us, girls, we can’t understand why most boys cheat, lie and have that extra-fling-affair-whatever thing with other girls. Because in our side of the story, love prevails.

So, boy, if you only know how many guys your girl had turned down, said no, rejected and avoided for the sake of protecting your heart and your relationship, then maybe you wouldn’t think of sending other girls sweet messages or most importantly your time. ‘Cause I think your girl is more deserving for that one, isn’t she?

It Takes A Man and A Woman: Unboxing the Package of Love

Credits to Star Cinema Movie It Takes a Man and A Woman
Credits to Star Cinema Movie It Takes a Man and A Woman

TODAY, I’ve watched a very mushy movie entitled, “It Takes A Man and A Woman”. The movie is the third installment of the Laida & Miggy tandem, also known as John Lloyd and Sarah Geronimo love team. The interesting fact about this movie is that it begins with an ex-couple learning to love again. It was a corny movie, mushy and full of kengkoy moments, but I actually liked it because it reminds me of some things I need to remind myself of. I will try to explain each one with a corresponding line from the movie.

1. “A lot of times I’ve been tired and gave up. It took a long time for me to realize that there are no instant happy ending. I never realized that I failed to understand the true meaning of unconditional love, of love that I always thought and I perfectly had for you. Forgive me for the times that I gave up. That’s how to truly love, accept all beautiful things, ugly things, sad things, hurtful things.” Yes, there’s really no instant ending. Most of the time, when a person wants to quit, give up or run away from a boring relationship, that’s when they realize that the relationship they have is not really boring but it’s just how they think of it. Everything becomes a routine and they think that a fling or a new relationship would be a good escape. But maybe if they didn’t give up, and just waited or hold on, it might turn out better.

2. “True love is not how you forgive, but how you forget; not what you see, but what you feel; not how you listen, but how you understand; and not how you let go, but how you hold on.” A great advice with this line is that when you go into a serious relationship, always remember that it is a package of trials and joy. You have to work it out really hard ‘coz the end will all be worth it. True love will always be the hardest one to work out because like the diamond, your relationship needs a lot of beating, carving, polishing and heat to make it perfect. Hence, when everything is falling apart that’s when you need to hold on tighter ‘coz it’s all a test of faith and love. Of course, this will only not be applicable if love is gone, REALLY gone, ok?

3. “People change. Nothing stays the same forever. Change is down to happen. Change is just you know, part of life.” The line states it all. Change is inevitable. Love also changes, so it depends on the people how they would handle it.

4. “Trust is a BIG WORD.” Definitely true. Trust is the second basic foundation of a relationship, next to love. You should value it like how you will value your life. ‘Coz it’s really hard to earn trust especially for a girl. It takes time, effort and patience.

5. “Sometimes, being the best means being the least. Be good even after you made a mistake. Sometimes, being good just works down to be able to say sorry. Sometimes, being good is loving the people who hurt you and making the most difficult choices that may hurt the people you love. Sometimes, we are so focused on being the best that we forget to be good. We lose sight of the fact that everyday is a struggle to just be better.”

6. “Today I realized I won’t be making any vows in my wedding… Because this is not the day for promises. Today I stand here in front of you in complete surrender. I have no worries. I have no fear because I know… I am sure I’m yours.” I think this one of the greatest wedding vows I have heard. Especially, to know that your significant other is making a complete surrender of himself/herself.

7. “Piliin mong magpatawad. Piliin mong magmahal.”

8. “This is the man I wanna be. For the first time in my life, I wanna be the last. I wanna be the last man you’ll ever love Laida. Can I be that man?”

9. ”Tara guys. Taguan tayo. Taguan ng feelings.”

10. Laida: Noon pinangarap ko lang mahalin ang isang Miggy Montenegro. Ngayon nagpapasalamat ako dahil di na ako naghintay ng matagal para matupad ang pangarap ko na yun. Hindi naging madali ang love story natin. Ilang beses din akong napagod at sumuko. Matagal bago ko naintindihan na walang instant happy ending. And then I realized that I failed to understand the true meaning of unconditional love. Of love that I always thought and I perfectly had for you. Miggy: Five years ago, during one of the worst days of my life. When every one was walking out of me, a girl walked into my life. And I never thought that… that day… hindi mo alam na yun pala ang pangarap ko. Yun na pala ang future ko.

Quick Guide for the Promise Breakers

That’s what they do, they break promises. 

 A promise is a declaration assuring that one will or will not do something. It is a written or oral vow that people made for each other. A promise breaker is a person who casually, intentionally or unintentionally breaks their promise with a person. So what should you do to avoid this kind of habit? Here’s a quick guide for Promise Breakers. 

1. Don’t make promises you can’t really do. 

2. When you can’t avoid making a promise, take note of it. (Use apps or write it down and use alarms before the day of your promise)

3. Explain to the person to don’t expect too much just because you have a habit of breaking promises.

4. Don’t say the word PROMISE if you’re just forcing yourself to do it.

5. Value your promises, you never know how important that promise is for the other person. 

The Long Distance Love Generation

I belong to the Millennial Generation. A generation which according to Wikipedia includes people who were born from early 1980s to early 2000s. Well, according to Strauss and Howe, the Millenial Generation are civic-minded people. A generation with a strong sense of community both local and global. So maybe this is the reason why LDR or the Long Distance Relationship emerged globally in this era.

Many of the couples around me or I’ve known are now into this LDR situation. When I was a child, I’ve always thought that you’re prince charming should be on the same continent like you do. Practically, near your range of existence. But eventually, those ideas will be all left behind, once you grow up. The more mature you are, the more you’re ready to conquer the risks of love. The Long Distance Relationship (LDR) is an intimate relationship that takes place when couples are separated by a considerable distance or when you lack that touch and face-to-face contact. If you can remember some of Nicholas Sparks novel like The Notebook or the famous Dear John, the setting of these novels were like in a LDR scenario. This entry will definitely answer some of your curious questions about LDR, plus will give you tips on how you can handle an LDR situation.

First off, let’s have a list of the questions most people asked to LDR couples.

1. Is it hard to be on a long distance relationship? Being on a relationship is hard, adding the distance is harder! But it really depends on your partner and how you work things out. If  both of you are serious enough and determine to make it through all the odds and distance, then it will be really easy. I’m now in a long-distance relationship. More than 3 years now and still counting. It’s hard at first but both of you will learn how inspiring this kind of relationship is. Remember, not everyone can handle this kind of love.

2. How will you celebrate special events together when you’re apart? Well, with the world’s technology nowadays, LDR has become easier. There’s Skype, Facebook, Facetime, and a whole lot of apps to help you see each other as often as you can. Internet is the answer! Well, if you’re still in those old-school stuff of sending letters then why not! Me and my guy used these apps, mail anniversary gifts, do creative stuffs, celebrate birthdays on Skypes, watch movie and sometimes play together through an online game. We’re like taking romantic activities to a whole new level!

3. How can you trust your partner that he/she will be really honest to you, when you can’t see what’s really happening? Well, it really depends on you. Trust is the most important key for a successful LDR, and for all relationship right? So it’s really YOU who will decide the trust that you’re willing to give. In my situation, we really see to it to talk on a daily basis or when we we’re not busy. Why? Communication is important. Knowing what happened to your partner everyday is like being with them physically. In addition, it feels good to go home, lie on your bed and talk with someone. It’s comforting plus seeing your beau after a long day at work will make you feel relax and put that smile on your face.

4. What principles you should believe in while on a LDR? First, trust and love. Trust your partner. Let him feel loved as much as you can. You will know how hard is it to be alone in a place where you can see lovers everywhere so give the love you want your partner to give you, too. Second, screw the distance! I think this is one of my favorite line in a movie we watch together. It’s real once you ignore the distance, you’ll feel closer and more secure with what you have. Lastly, believe that this LDR would eventually end in a positive way. The end that you both want, to be in one place at the same time and spending every single day of your lives together. To make this short–that you will eventually get married with him after years of waiting. When I think of this principle, I forget how long we’ve been apart. Time disappear because all I think of is how great that day would be. As the Law of Attraction once stated, ask the universe for it and you shall receive it. I tell you one secret, I asked the universe to let me visit my bf country and after 3 years I’m now in Korea! Three months seem too short but it’s all worth it!

5. What should you do when you started having quarrel days? Quarrels or arguments are normal in any relationship. So the only cure for this is to COMPROMISE. One or both should do this. Put down your pride and say I’m sorry if it’s your fault. This is important. Remember, compromising can save your relationship and pride won’t. Talk it over. Agree on things. Avoid having heated discussions over text or phone calls. Use video calls instead. Seeing each other while having an argument is better than not. Plus, don’t let the day pass by without fixing it. It’s hard to cry yourself to sleep (all girls know this), thus it’s hard for your man to sleep over thinking about what can happen to both of you tomorrow. See, in this kind of relationship, I’ve learned that guys are more stress when their having an argument with their partners.  With girls, they can cry it out but guys can’t do that…they will just lie on their bed and think think think. An argument can actually drive them insane. So if you’re having fights, talk about it, cool down, think about it and resolve it together. “I love you” always come handy! 😉

Credits to:

Now, let’s proceed to tips on how to survive a Long Distance Relationship.

1. Set your parameters beforehand (the basic rules you want together).

2. Do things together (even if you’re miles apart, use TECHNOLOGY!).

3. Communication! (in every possible way).

4. Control or avoid temptation! (be mature enough to stay committed, you don’t want your significant other do that to you right? Always remember the Golden Rule of Humankind)

5. Talk about your future together.

6. Visit if you can.

7. Read articles about LDR or poems like this:

Most relationships tend to fail

not because of the absence of love.

love is always present. 

it’s just that one was being loved too much

and the other was being loved too little.

8. Be romantic, creative and spread love!

9. Trust and avoid jealousy.

10. Have HOPE!

‘Cause We Ain’t Even On Earth Tonight

This title is inspired by Jessica Sanchez and Neyo’s song entitled “Tonight”. This is my comfort song for this week. So what would you do if you can leave Earth for just one night? Where do you want to go? How are you going to spend it? Someone told me that he will go to Heaven for a night and just spend it with me. Geez! That’s romantic! 🙂

But if you could really go there alone then what would you do? Maybe I’ll go to Neptune if I can travel in lightspeed (lol!). Why? Maybe because Neptune is the last planet of our solar system (coz Pluto is not a planet anymore). Plus, reaching the end of the planetary system, I might get a glimpse of the milky way galaxy out there. What will I do in Neptune? Play with it’s gases and might as well get a bottle of it for souvenir. Most probably I’ll be just amazed with the stars during that journey. So, I might ignore the planet! 😀

How about you?


Since my three-month vacation here in Korea, I never stopped eating a lot of carbs. I mean it’s pretty cold here, I need some fats to keep me warm. This warmth resulted in a lot of baby hide me fats! :)) Today, I was browsing by some tumblr blogs of people I follow, and I realized most of them are into healthy living. WOW!

Due to this tumblr craze of posting how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, I decided to do a 2 month project by the time I return to PH, I call it “Project Slim-Jim”. Of course slim-jim is an adjective which means notably slender and that’s why I aim for.

Here’s a sample:

I would definitely be motivated with this pic! Hands off for this gal! So the first way that I need to do to achieve this is to plan it properly. So I search a lot of sites and found this: HOW TO LOSE 25 POUNDS IN TWO MONTHS ( and HOW TO LOSE FACE FAT (

So starting the 3rd week of June, I will take note of my weight and a picture of myself. After a month, I’ll post what happen and if it’s successful. So good luck to me! 🙂

Then History Makes a Habit of Repeating Himself

Dear Mr. History,

These are the days that I hate the most when you try to remind me what happened last year before my birthday. Do you have a habit of repeating yourself? 

Last year, the same day as my brother’s birthday when fate took my grandfather’s life suddenly. An incident I never anticipated even if he’s in his retirement age at that time. Fate didn’t took only a life that was so close to me but took the promises me and my grandfather sworn to each other. It was last year that I put fake smiles on my face to celebrate my birthday. I am used to receiving birthday messages from him during my past birthdays. Last year was the saddest birthday ever written in your book. 

I thought it will be the last one, then today you came by a surprise again. Yes I know this one’s not that close to me. I barely know her, but one of her family is too close to me that I can feel now half of the pain he’s feeling. I can’t picture out how is feeling right now. I can’t even imagine how hard this is for him and his family. He’s too far away from home. 

At this moment, I am asking my dearest Creator, “what happened to my birthday wish? Did you give no for an answer? Why?” I want to ask Him, why would you let this boy feel this grief again. Why now when he’s almost finish with what he needs to do with his family?” I am in need of answers.

I am writing this 8 minutes before my birthday. And God answered me, “When they all prayed thy will be done. It is my will to stop their suffering and to give peace to her and to her family. To give peace is to receive acceptance and through acceptance we can find happiness. You have wish for anything that will make this boy happy then I have grant you your birthday wish my child. “

For this I am blessed.

BucketList | Five Types of Guys Most Girls Can’t Turn Down

Why do girls fall head over heels with this guy and not the other guy? There’s no love spell whatsover when it comes to attracting girls. Well, it’s all because of the man’s own personality! Yes personality is one the greatest factor why girls can’t get over a boy.

Here are the top 5 types of guys that girls dig in according to what I have experienced, observed and read.

1.) Mr. Chocolate and Roses – Well this is pretty common personality of a guy every girl wants. The one who gives roses, chocolates, letter and sweet stuffs that melt a woman’s heart. According to this kind of guy is very irresistible because…”A woman loves to feel appreciated, and the romantic guy makes this happen. He uses romantic gestures to show her he is thinking about her. As an added bonus, she feels free to reciprocate and act on her own romantic tendencies.”

2.) The Cool Guy- He is so cool and confident that he can blew some undies away. Hahaha! Well, as what I’ve observed, most girls like this kind of guy because he can carry himself in any clothes that he wears. Plus, he has the impression of coolness, power and domination which let us know that he’s not a happy-go-lucky guy. He knows what he wants and he is driven to do it. Plus a confident man can boost our confidence.

3.) The Bad Boy- This is the adventure type of guys that some girls like. Their auras give an impression of protective and go with the flow type of person. He is carefree and he treasures the freedom he has which he can share with his partner. He also radiates a young vibrant energy which girls love to see.

4.) The Smart Guy- Girls dig them especially when it looks plus intelligence combination. He can keep the conversation going and meaningful. A good talker he is. He has a sense of humor and interest on different fields. So time spent with this boy is worth it and not boring. Plus, if we want to have a future husband, we’d like someone who has great genes right?

5.) The Gentleman- This boy has the best of manners every girl could ask for! He will hold the door for you, open the car for you, assist you when you’re wearing high heels and even tie your shoes for you. He will not let you sweat or be conscious of your poise. He will guide you in every way that he can. Plus, he pay the bills. The main factor why girls love gentlemen is that they are sensitive with the girl’s emotions. They know how to handle or react to girl’s mood swings or even PMS. Most mature girls choose this kind of guy because he’s the husband material type of boy. Plus most girls see a future with this kind of man. Why? It’s simple! Because women wants a man who will treat her well until she grows old.

So that’s it! I hope you’ve learned a lot about boys and about girls too! Let me remind you that sometimes, us girls, look for a combination of these personalities. We don’t really stick to one type of guy. Hence, it depends on the boys how they can sweep our feet. This list is written to guide people, especially boys, on what traits girls look for in a guy.


Girl Talk | Not Just Because You’re Single Since Birth

Pressure. Pressure. This how NBSB affects a girl’s teenage life. Let’s face it, puppy and first love mostly starts during the high school years. For most girls, this is a crucial stage especially when your batchmates, classmates, and friends have their own special partners during school events or parties.

The word NBSB stands for NO BOYFRIEND SINCE BIRTH. Some girls are proud of this label and some girls do not. But I’ve been there before and I tell you, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy your single life before the right one comes.

1. Love yourself. Loving yourself first is not selfishness. As a matter of fact, it will be easier for you to love other people once you love yourself. Accepting your flaws and embracing your insecurities is really cool! Do you know that most boys or guys love a girl who’s really confident about herself? It’s because a confident lady can lessen the worries that they will be facing once both of you start the relationship. Plus, he will be really comfortable to show you off to all his friends including the girls. Confident girls can turn heads I tell you! So make yourself pretty the way you want it to be. Wear that confident smile and strut your assets like a runaway model! ^.~

2. Be outgoing. Travel or go out with your family and friends. Even if you’re in a bunch of girlfriends with their respective bf’s, this is not a reason for you to avoid going out. Think of this, you can observe them and learn a lot from their actions right? So once you find that right one, it will be easier for you to go through the ABC’s of relationship. Also, spend time with your family more because most girls who are in relationship have hard time balancing time for work, studies, bf, friends and family. So, enjoy some company with the people you love. Happiness glow is the best makeup any girl can wear aside from her smile. 🙂

3. Be strong against the tides. When the pressure started ringing which is most common when you reach the age of 18 and above, be strong to resist it. Why? Most girls who fall for this pressure ends up having worst relationships. They either fall for a rebound love, an affair, a three-month knot, all-about-sex thingy or even an obsessive kind of love that might lead to suicide. No one wants that right? Every girl deserves the best love. So, don’t jump in unless you’re emotionally and mentally ready. Like my other post, falling is easy what comes with the love package requires a lot of work. Lots of hard work! Be sure to enter a relationship with the right reasons and feelings. Nobody wants you to end up broken-hearted ok?

So to all NBSB girls out there, not just because you’re single since birth doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to be happy and inspired right? Take some time for yourself, and always remember that you are so amazing…just the way you are!

Here are very inspiring video for all NBSB girl’s out there:

I’m asking for …

I’m asking for prayers for someone who’s critical now in Makati Med Philippines. Please help us pray for her and her family. Thank you.

Heart Talk | The Ladder of Hearts and Potions of Love

“Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things.” Keanu Reeves, in fact, has emphasized a universal truth with his quotation. Let’s face it falling in love is really easy and having the relationship after is harder than anything in the world. Maybe next to giving birth to a child or having a family. So, why do most long term couple find that maintaining a lifetime relationship is hard?

The Cycle | Most couples started with the very sweet teenage or young love phase. This is when they exchange thousands of sweet nothings to each other. Dating, flirting, missing each other every minute and the like. Plus, they both revolve in each other’s world. After months or so, things started to change a little. However the sparks and flames are still there. A year or two, the relationship started to change course to this bumpy zigzag road with a lot of traffic signs along it. This phase is where most couples start having arguments, quarrels, fights and space! Yup, the famous I-need-my-space-syndrome. The last phase is the deciding phase which could end up with the wedding bells or the tragic ending of being strangers in the dark.

The Why’s | So people, especially partners, would end up having queries on the back of their heads why working out a relationship demand lot of things. Where did I go wrong? When did it all started? Who change who? Why are we in this position? These are some of the questions people ask when the so called falling in love turns into falling off the cliff. In my opinion, people change. Especially for a couple who’s been there for each other for years. But actually, they don’t change drastically, they really EXCHANGE. Yes! they exchange from their personality to their partner’s personality. Why? Because they have become one already which they merely see because they’re not married yet. As you see, most boyfriend-girlfriend relationship starts with this kind of boy and this kind of girl. There is two personalities of a starting relationship–it’s either they both have the same personalities or they’re totally the opposite of each other!

The Process | Then, during the relationship, one or both of them wants to know more about each other. So, they do activities that one really loves to do. Furthermore, they grow up together in the relationship that they know each other so well nobody can tear them apart. But quite some time, they will be tired–one or both of them will. Just because everything seems like a routine, a film or a page of their favorite book. Everything seems normal. This is when the “Space Syndrome” enters. This is when arguments come day by day. This is when messages are fewer than usual, communication is seldom and date night are just too busy to put into schedule. This is when the girl would go shopping alone and the boy would end up playing Xbox at home. This is when both of them are tired of eating the same dishes they can serve each other everyday. One or both them wants some time and space to enjoy themselves. Some people call this “I want to know more about my self stage” Why? Because they become too unison that they can’t distinguish who is who. They grew up together as one that they have lost their identity. Losing oneself is harder than finding oneself.

The Remedy | There are hundreds of ways to bring back the fire. The base rule is to stay away from your normal routine. From there, you can think of creative ways on how to make your partner or relationship happy and burning. You can incorporate new routines to your busy schedules. For example, instead of having the usual restaurant date, why not try having a picnic date? That way you’ll spend less plus have longer time to spend with your partner. Another way is to send messages with sweet or funny quotes, or you can make surprise calls to your partner rather than your usual calls before bedtime. Reinventing plus staying away from your usual routine is a trick here. With this, you’re sure to get your partner’s attention and love again.

I hope you’ve learned a lot from the cycles of love. Remember to radiate that love to other couples you think need a little knock on their doors! Good day!

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