Here are some tips on how you can avoid losing your girlfriend:

1. Don’t treat her like she is just an option. Put her in the top priority list dude!

2. Don’t ever lie. Girls have maternal, detective, Sherlock home instincts so even if you’re so good at lying I’m 100% sure she has a hint about it. Better yet, she knows it and she’s just watching you screw up.

3. Girlfriends hate boyfriends who do not listen to what they say. They also hate boyfriends who shout at them. We know you’re superior than us, but you don’t have to shout. Girls feel belittle or really depressed when you do this. Remember, she won’t admit this because she doesn’t want you to see her weak points. She loves you~ oh dear!

4. Never ever disrespect her. She belongs to the species of your mother and she will be a future mother so I know you don’t want any guy mistreating your girl right? So be a model. Respect her and don’t force her to do decisions she doesn’t like.

5. When you’re hurt, you should tell her. We can’t figure out what’s on your mind, if you’re hurt and just pretended you don’t, we’ll be assuming you’re alright. See, girls rely on your words and actions. So if your showing us you’re ok, then you’re ok for us. But if you’ll tell, we’ll listen.

6. Never put up a status about another girl. You never want your girlfriend putting up a status with a boy’s name in it right? So do the same ‘coz girls hate the feeling of jealousy.

7. Remember that the little things you do might upset or make your girlfriend happy. Little things means a lot to girls. So if she suddenly change mood, maybe you did something so tiny for you but means a lot to her. Be sensitive, she doesn’t need to remind you this one.

8. Never tell her she’s ugly or fat. Thus, never tell her that another girl is prettier than her. She’s already an insecure piece of art. Appreciate her. That’s what you should always do. It’s when she feels more loved.

9. Never take her word literally, learn some lady decoders. Like if she says nothing but look sad, it means it’s something! OK?

10. NEVER hurt her physically. She might be able to take all that emotional stress relationship gives out but physical pain is not her game. Remember respect her like you’re mother.