Santorini, Greece by Google Image Search

If I will be a tourist, and you shall trap me in a certain place it will be Santorini, Greece. I’ve first saw this magnificent place in the movie “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. I forgot what series it was. Well, I just love how magnificent, clean and breathtaking it was. It’s like a perfect panorama for anyone who loves vintage, history and mythology. Some sites also recommend 123 Things You can Actually Enjoy in Santorini! 

The first time I saw a picture of Santorini, my heart just melted. It just spoke of how rich human culture is, how great nature is and if you put them together it’s one heaven of civilization! Just imagine waking up in a quiet place, opening your windows and facing the salty breeze of the ocean waves. Peaceful and heavenly! 

Aside from the view, you get to actually ride a donkey! How many people on Earth ever rode a donkey right? So it’s an adventure I don’t wanna miss. They also have beaches, great beaches! So it’s definitely a good place to shake up some tan! By the way, Santorini is volcanic island, and just the thought of living above a volcano thrills me! 🙂 That’s why Santorini, Greece is a must-see vacation destination! Trap me here please!