Who doesn’t love eggs?

Aside from it’s delicious and wide variety of recipes, eggs are really good for our bodies! But did you know that even our face loves it? Believe it or not, a part of our daily dose of eggs can actually serve as natural face botox-ifier~ All you need is one egg, crack it open, seperatee the egg white and beat it until it’s foamy. 🙂

Benefits of Egg White

a. It tightens our pores and skin. 

b. It gives us a natural glow.

c. It removes dead skin cells plus white heads.

d. It exfoliates skin.

e. It blots oil. (yey! for oily skin)

f. It heals and nourish our skin.

g. It smoothens our skin. 

h. It lightens scars and redness due to pimples.

So if you’re allergic or on a budget but still wants to stay pretty, try using egg whites as alternative face mask! It’s nature’s gift! I’ve tried for three days straight now and my skin just feels smooth and glowing! 🙂