“Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place — in each part.”

John and Edward has been together for years now, yet they could still remember how hard it is to keep this thing alive. Both their parents don’t agree but some of their friends do. The society has judged them before they can even flick a finger or two. Thus, their joy has been incomparable ever since they have met each other. 

Clara grew up in a hut. A hut that can hold more than six people. The life in her province has never been that modern, accessible or world-class. She can’t merely finish her 10th grade in school because a typhoon has just devastated the land her father was plowing to earn a living. She will now begin to work for her family. Her first day at a clothing factory in the city has been a day full of scolding and bullying. For a city-person, this might be the worst day in your workplace, but Clara kept a smiling face going back home. The cruelty of social class in her society has not been a hindrance to feel joy in holding a pack of meal, from her first pennies, for her family. 

Jason was crying since yesterday. His mother did all things to make him smile. But his tantrums are getting worse. A few weeks ago, his father promised him a very special gift for his birthday. Jason’s birthday was yesterday. His father gave him the promised gift, he’s supposed to be happy right? Jason’s newly bought puppy began walking closer to him. Jason started to scream but as the puppy stop in the middle of the living room, Jason wiped his tears and smile. It’s the first time he saw his pet’s dog tag and he became happy. He hugs the puppy and starts to caress it’s dog tag. A beautifully engraved name of his father was there. Hence, even if Jason lost his father because of an accident yesterday, he still found joy in the presence of a puppy. 

Joy, in any form it presents itself, is still joy as how we feel it. Maybe, it can be in different degrees or reasons, but it will still be a reason for us to smile. We can find joy or happiness even in the worst situations. Even between two people with same gender, a young girl who experience life’s cruelty at an early age or even in losing a loved one. There are many reasons to be happy. There are a thousand reasons to smile. Today, let us share this wonderful message to our families, friends or even to strangers we meet along the way. 🙂



Spread Love. Spread Joy. ❤