For the estrogen and progesterone population, there are many things that makes us wonder about guys. One of those is what does a man think and feel of after a break-up? It’s been laid out in many magazines and websites what girls do and how they cope up after the break up. But what about Adam’s buddies? I will try to explain, with a thorough research, the topic about what’s going on a man’s head after the break up.

POINT 1: A man first thing to think of after a break up is BEER. Aside from beer helping them to land another lady, it will help them land a RIGHTEOUS LADY that they think is more deserving than the one who broke their heart.

POINT 2: A man who dumped you probably thinks of a new woman. In the first place, he dumped you! That means he doesn’t love you anymore. They also think of how long they can now play XBOX or the games you hate. They might be also thinking of how lucky they are to escape your vicious venom. At the end, they will also feel guilty at some point.

POINT 3: A man who has been dumped by a woman feels angry, busted and heartbroken. But they are also thinking of the reasons why the girls they love dumped them. They want to know if you’re a tramp, a good player or just not satisfied with what they can offer.

POINT 4: A man who just freshly broke up with his girl finds it hard to talk to her again. Unlike girls who can approach their ex’s instantly (asking for a second chance or asking lots of questions) boys can’t do the same. It’s just their nature, not to talk to their ex-girlfriends. Well, most of them are like this. Especially if you dumped them, talking after a break up is like a live torture! I think men are also curious how girls, like us, can talk with each other about break-ups. Well, I guess that’s one of the differences between these two genders.

POINT 5: Like girls, they also can’t forget of all their past relationships. I mean not the feelings or emotional stuff but the memories. They are humans, too. It’s probably normal for them to have that storage box of happy memories and bad ones, right? The only difference is they don’t talk about it, unlike girls do.

POINT 6: They also care about their girl after their break-up. They also cry. They also feel as bad as other women do, but they they hold it all in. Some of them would actually check their phones a day or two after the break up. They do care about you, they just don’t want to show it because it will be too unmanly.

POINT 7: They go to physical changes. They work out at the gym. Improve their physical appearance. Finally, punch out all their anger in a form of physical activities. 😉

POINT 8: They have hearts. They cry, too.

POINT 9: They get rid off all your gifts, couple items and anniversary souvenirs you had as a couple. To rid off the things you gave him is one of the easiest ways he can move on.

POINT 10: They go out. Not to find another girl but to unwind. Also, going out with their buddies can reduce the stress and make them forget even for just a little while about their broken heart.

SO girls, now that you know what do boys commonly do and think of after the break up, let’s stop assuming that our boys doesn’t care about us. And that they don’t feel bad as we do.

The End.