“Let them miss you. Sometimes when you’re always available, they take you for granted because they think you’ll always stay.”

MISSING someone is an inevitable habit to do once you’re dating or in a relationship. But what if things come in like a boring routine of seeing each other, thus that spark has gone. What should you do to bring back the mystery and burning desire to see each other? Here are some quick tips for Him and Her:

Guys should…

1. Know your girlfriend or dating partner.

2.Based on these observation or knowledge, act on it.

3. Treat her as your world.

4. Earn her trust.

5. Take a day off to emphasize your absence. Less call, less text, more misses! (However if your girlfriend is a jealous one, a minute to an hour of absence should be good enough)


Girls should…

1. Do something different or special like a new haircut or dress.

2. Be affectionate especially before you depart ways.

3. Try to leave a mark or a piece of yourself with him.

4. Use jealousy moderately.

5. Don’t call or text him like 24/7, always in moderation. (No to clingy gf’s anymore)