Let’s face it, in the diversity of the universe 70% of girls can actually stay loyal and faithful to their partner unlike 30% of men who can. This post is dedicated to all girls who stay true to their significant other and to all boys who doubt their girlfriends can actually do it.

With how our genes are designed, genetically, female are more inclined to be monogamous. Another one is due to the level of maturity, more women tend to be more loyal than men. Anyway, let’s discuss whose really the faithful one.

Girls have control. Maybe not on their periods and mood swings, but when temptation is present, a girl knows how to handle it. For example, a girlfriend in a LDR situation has been approached by suitors every now and then in different places. In that scenario, it will be really easy for the girl to have an affair because the partner don’t have an actual idea of what’s happening with his partner’s life except for the ones she’s going to tell him. But why will she reject the temptation of infidelity? First, she’s taken. Most girls take commitment seriously because it took them so long to have this guy who would stood up for them. So these girls are committed. Next, they are overwhelmed with love from their partner. Why would she entertain another if she’s contented and happy with the present? This is how most ladies think. Third, she believes that true love waits and fights all the odds. In this case, most girls think that what relationship they have now is real. Thus, they can defy all odds. Lastly, they actually believe that you’re doing the same, too. This is because most girls think of the principles of karma and the golden rule. So why would we harm the ones we love when we want to be love in return? Girls believe what their partners tell them.

Girls are nice earthlings made of sugar and spice. Some of them actually believed in fairy tale endings–the happily ever after. They value what they have, and they will nourish it. They are contented with their happiness. That’s how simple a girl can be. That’s why they can remain faithful and loyal with a guy.This is the reason why for us, girls, we can’t understand why most boys cheat, lie and have that extra-fling-affair-whatever thing with other girls. Because in our side of the story, love prevails.

So, boy, if you only know how many guys your girl had turned down, said no, rejected and avoided for the sake of protecting your heart and your relationship, then maybe you wouldn’t think of sending other girls sweet messages or most importantly your time. ‘Cause I think your girl is more deserving for that one, isn’t she?