Since my three-month vacation here in Korea, I never stopped eating a lot of carbs. I mean it’s pretty cold here, I need some fats to keep me warm. This warmth resulted in a lot of baby hide me fats! :)) Today, I was browsing by some tumblr blogs of people I follow, and I realized most of them are into healthy living. WOW!

Due to this tumblr craze of posting how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, I decided to do a 2 month project by the time I return to PH, I call it “Project Slim-Jim”. Of course slim-jim is an adjective which means notably slender and that’s why I aim for.

Here’s a sample:

I would definitely be motivated with this pic! Hands off for this gal! So the first way that I need to do to achieve this is to plan it properly. So I search a lot of sites and found this: HOW TO LOSE 25 POUNDS IN TWO MONTHS ( and HOW TO LOSE FACE FAT (

So starting the 3rd week of June, I will take note of my weight and a picture of myself. After a month, I’ll post what happen and if it’s successful. So good luck to me! 🙂