This title is inspired by Jessica Sanchez and Neyo’s song entitled “Tonight”. This is my comfort song for this week. So what would you do if you can leave Earth for just one night? Where do you want to go? How are you going to spend it? Someone told me that he will go to Heaven for a night and just spend it with me. Geez! That’s romantic! 🙂

But if you could really go there alone then what would you do? Maybe I’ll go to Neptune if I can travel in lightspeed (lol!). Why? Maybe because Neptune is the last planet of our solar system (coz Pluto is not a planet anymore). Plus, reaching the end of the planetary system, I might get a glimpse of the milky way galaxy out there. What will I do in Neptune? Play with it’s gases and might as well get a bottle of it for souvenir. Most probably I’ll be just amazed with the stars during that journey. So, I might ignore the planet! 😀

How about you?