Dear Mr. History,

These are the days that I hate the most when you try to remind me what happened last year before my birthday. Do you have a habit of repeating yourself? 

Last year, the same day as my brother’s birthday when fate took my grandfather’s life suddenly. An incident I never anticipated even if he’s in his retirement age at that time. Fate didn’t took only a life that was so close to me but took the promises me and my grandfather sworn to each other. It was last year that I put fake smiles on my face to celebrate my birthday. I am used to receiving birthday messages from him during my past birthdays. Last year was the saddest birthday ever written in your book. 

I thought it will be the last one, then today you came by a surprise again. Yes I know this one’s not that close to me. I barely know her, but one of her family is too close to me that I can feel now half of the pain he’s feeling. I can’t picture out how is feeling right now. I can’t even imagine how hard this is for him and his family. He’s too far away from home. 

At this moment, I am asking my dearest Creator, “what happened to my birthday wish? Did you give no for an answer? Why?” I want to ask Him, why would you let this boy feel this grief again. Why now when he’s almost finish with what he needs to do with his family?” I am in need of answers.

I am writing this 8 minutes before my birthday. And God answered me, “When they all prayed thy will be done. It is my will to stop their suffering and to give peace to her and to her family. To give peace is to receive acceptance and through acceptance we can find happiness. You have wish for anything that will make this boy happy then I have grant you your birthday wish my child. “

For this I am blessed.