Pressure. Pressure. This how NBSB affects a girl’s teenage life. Let’s face it, puppy and first love mostly starts during the high school years. For most girls, this is a crucial stage especially when your batchmates, classmates, and friends have their own special partners during school events or parties.

The word NBSB stands for NO BOYFRIEND SINCE BIRTH. Some girls are proud of this label and some girls do not. But I’ve been there before and I tell you, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy your single life before the right one comes.

1. Love yourself. Loving yourself first is not selfishness. As a matter of fact, it will be easier for you to love other people once you love yourself. Accepting your flaws and embracing your insecurities is really cool! Do you know that most boys or guys love a girl who’s really confident about herself? It’s because a confident lady can lessen the worries that they will be facing once both of you start the relationship. Plus, he will be really comfortable to show you off to all his friends including the girls. Confident girls can turn heads I tell you! So make yourself pretty the way you want it to be. Wear that confident smile and strut your assets like a runaway model! ^.~

2. Be outgoing. Travel or go out with your family and friends. Even if you’re in a bunch of girlfriends with their respective bf’s, this is not a reason for you to avoid going out. Think of this, you can observe them and learn a lot from their actions right? So once you find that right one, it will be easier for you to go through the ABC’s of relationship. Also, spend time with your family more because most girls who are in relationship have hard time balancing time for work, studies, bf, friends and family. So, enjoy some company with the people you love. Happiness glow is the best makeup any girl can wear aside from her smile. 🙂

3. Be strong against the tides. When the pressure started ringing which is most common when you reach the age of 18 and above, be strong to resist it. Why? Most girls who fall for this pressure ends up having worst relationships. They either fall for a rebound love, an affair, a three-month knot, all-about-sex thingy or even an obsessive kind of love that might lead to suicide. No one wants that right? Every girl deserves the best love. So, don’t jump in unless you’re emotionally and mentally ready. Like my other post, falling is easy what comes with the love package requires a lot of work. Lots of hard work! Be sure to enter a relationship with the right reasons and feelings. Nobody wants you to end up broken-hearted ok?

So to all NBSB girls out there, not just because you’re single since birth doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to be happy and inspired right? Take some time for yourself, and always remember that you are so amazing…just the way you are!

Here are very inspiring video for all NBSB girl’s out there: