Why do girls fall head over heels with this guy and not the other guy? There’s no love spell whatsover when it comes to attracting girls. Well, it’s all because of the man’s own personality! Yes personality is one the greatest factor why girls can’t get over a boy.

Here are the top 5 types of guys that girls dig in according to what I have experienced, observed and read.

1.) Mr. Chocolate and Roses – Well this is pretty common personality of a guy every girl wants. The one who gives roses, chocolates, letter and sweet stuffs that melt a woman’s heart. According to askmen.com this kind of guy is very irresistible because…”A woman loves to feel appreciated, and the romantic guy makes this happen. He uses romantic gestures to show her he is thinking about her. As an added bonus, she feels free to reciprocate and act on her own romantic tendencies.”

2.) The Cool Guy- He is so cool and confident that he can blew some undies away. Hahaha! Well, as what I’ve observed, most girls like this kind of guy because he can carry himself in any clothes that he wears. Plus, he has the impression of coolness, power and domination which let us know that he’s not a happy-go-lucky guy. He knows what he wants and he is driven to do it. Plus a confident man can boost our confidence.

3.) The Bad Boy- This is the adventure type of guys that some girls like. Their auras give an impression of protective and go with the flow type of person. He is carefree and he treasures the freedom he has which he can share with his partner. He also radiates a young vibrant energy which girls love to see.

4.) The Smart Guy- Girls dig them especially when it looks plus intelligence combination. He can keep the conversation going and meaningful. A good talker he is. He has a sense of humor and interest on different fields. So time spent with this boy is worth it and not boring. Plus, if we want to have a future husband, we’d like someone who has great genes right?

5.) The Gentleman- This boy has the best of manners every girl could ask for! He will hold the door for you, open the car for you, assist you when you’re wearing high heels and even tie your shoes for you. He will not let you sweat or be conscious of your poise. He will guide you in every way that he can. Plus, he pay the bills. The main factor why girls love gentlemen is that they are sensitive with the girl’s emotions. They know how to handle or react to girl’s mood swings or even PMS. Most mature girls choose this kind of guy because he’s the husband material type of boy. Plus most girls see a future with this kind of man. Why? It’s simple! Because women wants a man who will treat her well until she grows old.

So that’s it! I hope you’ve learned a lot about boys and about girls too! Let me remind you that sometimes, us girls, look for a combination of these personalities. We don’t really stick to one type of guy. Hence, it depends on the boys how they can sweep our feet. This list is written to guide people, especially boys, on what traits girls look for in a guy.