Probably this post will be gender-biased entry simply because I am a girl. LOL! However this post is really address for guys who want to know a little about what do girls think of them. Let’s face it, most people would really love to decode what’s in the mind of their opposite sex right? Especially during a love quarrel.

Due to the fact that it will be easier enough to communicate and respond once you know how mind-boggling a word or phrase would really mean. So here are random girl codes that we usually use during a so called “Lover’s Quarrel”.

1. “Nothing” – This is the most common respond that boyfriends or guys would hear from a girl when an argument is going to start or SHE changes her on-off mood meter. Believe it or not, the word NOTHING actually meant a lot of things like:

  • Wow! Are you blind? deaf or what? Can’t you see the reason behind my mood swing?
  • I rather not talk because you’ll think it’s my nagging mode again.
  • I’ve told it a thousand times before I came to this position, aren’t you listening?
  • There are a LOT of reasons why can’t think of it?!
  • Damn! I’m tired explaining and making all this faces just for you to know that you pissed me off.

So, guys if I were you when you’re girl utter this word try to remember what happen before your argument. I mean all the actions and words you’ve said. Remember girls over think your words so try to be sensitive and specific when saying a thing or two. The only way to overcome the NOTHING syndrome is to push her to speak…in a nice way ok? Ask her again and again, hug her, pat her and tell her that you’ll listen. Girls are easily to give in when they know that you’re ready to be a sensitive listener. ūüôā

2. “Ahhhh” – This expression is a mostly a positive comment when girls give you a genuine smiley face. It means that she learned something from what you did or explained. It’s like a¬†curiosity¬†breaker. However, this becomes negative when you keep on talking in the middle of the ¬†an argument and she keeps on saying “ahhh…ahhh…ahhhhh” while nodding her head and staring blankly in space. This could mean like:

  • Wow…he’s really talkative, I wonder when will he stop.¬†
  • I’ve hear this story / excuse the nth time, I could actually retell it to him.
  • Blah…blah…blah.


When she’s starting to act irritated and she’s presently staring onto something blankly, you better stop talking and should probably start acting. You can ask questions like “Have I said this before?” or you can say “I’m sorry I’ve said too much I just want you to know my side, what can you say?”

3. “Ok.”–with a long silent pause can either mean she fully understand your side that the conversation has come to an end or whatever. Yes, whatever! You can fully see this second expression when you’ve come to the end of the argument yet her face hasn’t change. Warning warning! Be careful for your next move or she’s going to blow up any second.

What you can do here is to ask whether or not the argument has been resolved or just hug her. Hugs are girl’s best friends next to diamonds! Hugging make us feel like you care for our feelings and that you have understand that we don’t like argument as much as you hate it. Hug is the best remedy for any quarrel! (Tried and Tested!)

4. “Do you really love me?”¬†–Girls actually love asking this question in the middle of nowhere. This actually means that we want to know how much you love us. It’s not really a yes/no question only. It’s more of a Yes and Justify your answer question. Hahahaha! I plea guilty on this! When we ask this we want to know the impact of us in your life. We want assurance that because of how deep your love for us, you won’t think of cheating on us. Also it means that if you really love us you’ll stop fighting with us. No one wants to make a girl mad, you should know the consequences beforehand.

So, if you’re girl ask you this very simple question, don’t just answer a yes or no, but answer it on how you would define what’s her meaning in your life.

5. “I love you” –this word comes in handy during quarrels. The real meaning behinds this line are:

  • I really love you, let’s solve this with a kiss baby and off to bed.
  • Enough. I’m tired of this conversation. Let’s end the day with this.
  • So I guess this will not be solve tonight better tell this three words.
  • I love you stop all of this please.

So when you’re girl say these three words better stop any arguments and patch things up. She wants you to kiss and hug her and tell everything is fine now. Respond with an I-LOVE-YOU-TOO and finish the talks. This is the easiest way for us to finish a fight. It’s better to cooperate than to make your girl exhausted. Remember if you push her too much especially when she’s tired already she might probably not talk to you or start the world war nagging that you want. The worst will be the break up scenario that I know boys also hate.