Ok! I’m turning 24 this year (Korean age of 25) so I thought of listing my top four material things that I want to have on my birthday. Just because some of my abstract wishes came true already. (LOL for the word abstract!! whatduh?)

Korean Cake | Because they’re really cute and it’s my first birthday here better make it memorable right? I always have cake on my birthday. I know I’m old already but hey! I love cakes!! Have some sparklers on it please… :3

Necklace| If there’s one thing that secretly wish every year on my birthday, it’s a necklace. It’s because a one-pendant necklace feels like some sort of a special gift. Like the person who’ll give it thinks very carefully of what they should give you. Plus, for me it’s a romantic sweet fairy tale gesture during a special event. It’s third to marriage and engagement kind of thing.

The so-called “Promise Necklace”

Namsan Tower | If I could celebrate my special day in one place, it would be Namsan Tower in Seoul. Why? It’s the korean drama fever effect! I want to make my birthday a memorable one and having a picture on the cable car (which I am afraid to ride on) would be a perfect fear factor birthday accomplishment ever. Plus, the view from the tower would be feel like million of stars applauding for my birthday. I will definitely treasure that moment.

I Heart Korea Shirt | The silliest thing anybody would ask for their birthday. But I really want to have this shirt and I plan to wear it on my birthday at Namsan Tower while striking the famous Peace Sign pose. I don’t really know why but imagining this scenario really makes me smile. That shirt would always reminds me of many unforgettable things about Korea and it will motivate me to travel a lot in the future. I want to wish for a Polaroid camera but I can buy that in the future. Or a pair of shoes and dress if you’ll think of it, but I can buy those things when I have a stable job again. But a simple t-shirt like that would really make me feel like I’ve won the lottery! :)) Hahahaha!

Happiness in any form is still happiness. It’s my birthday right?

Having four little wishes are not too bad! Hahahahaha! 🙂