As an Asian, most of our foods and dishes revolve around several spices. That’s the reason why our tastebuds have multitude of opportunities to practice their talents. From where I came from, Philippines, food taste ranges from oily, sweet, salty and sour. At most, they are in the extremes for normal tongues. So it’s either you have very oily, very sweet and very salty stacks of food serve for you.

In Korea, it was the opposite. Koreans are very vegetable-health-first oriented people. In  simple terms, their foods reflect their health. They love vegetables on their meals. As a matter of fact, all their side dishes are freshly serve vegetables added with some seasonings.

So, I’ll give you a glimpse of what Korean dishes looks like.

Photos owned by Miss Shinobu

1. KIM-CHI BO-KUM-BOP | Kimchi Fried Rice| 김치볶음밥

My boyfriend trying to impress me with his Korean knowledge cooked for me this simple but healthy breakfast meal. Kimchi bokumbop is is very simple but yet very tasty. It has meat and chopped kimchi which is sautéed with soy sauce and other vegetables like onions, garlic and spring onions. Lastly, a sunny side up egg is placed on top of it for additional flavor. Simple and nutritious!

Photos owned by Miss Shinobu

2. Side dishes 

Korea has a wide variety of side dishes from veggies to meats! Their most famous side dish is Kimchi. Kimchi are vegetables which had been fermented. Most foreigners see Kimchi as a spicy side dish. Remember, it is always part of the Korean meal so even in restaurants they serve you this one. The other side dishes are bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, mushrooms, potato, tofu’s, radishes (yellow and white), and cucumber. In additional, most side dishes are seasoned.

Photos owned by Miss Shinobu

3. Ramyun| Rameon

As Asians, Koreans also love noodles! So their most popular noodle dish is Ramyun which also has different flavors. They also serve it with cooked egg beaten inside the dish. The only problem I had was how to finish it.  Actually, Korean dishes are commonly serve on big plates or bowls. Yes! Their serving size is really BIG for a tiny person like me.

Photos owned by Miss Shinobu

4. Samgyeopsal| Korean Grilled Pork Wrapped in Vegetables

It consists of thick pork strips, usually served with  leafy vegetables which is used to wrap a slice of cooked meat. Don’t forget to add a small amount of chili paste or ssamjang. Most Koreans loved this! Foreigners too! It’s really simple, delicious and healthy. Plus you get to eat it free of carbo! ‘Coz no rice is needed for this dish! 😉


So these is only a peek of how and what Koreans eat, hope you’ve learned a lot from this entry. It sure made me hungry and my tastebuds crave for more!